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Nancy VanArsdall

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Nancy VanArsdall always wanted to be an authoress and wrote her first five-chapter book at age ten. The Secret of the White Carnation (inspired by Nancy Drew) sadly was lost among the attic dustbunnies as was her aspiration, for all too soon, she surrendered to the social norms of her time: marriage and motherhood…until the years when those traditional norms began to be questioned and eventually, for her, unraveled.

The Thousandth Telling Book Cover

The Thousandth Telling

Spanning nearly a century, The Thousandth Telling is the story of three generations of women each of whom must navigate the prevailing social norms as she strives to live an authentic life.

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A Fairy Tale of Light and Dark

Once I arrived at that Victorian seaport nestled in a forest of cedar and fir, I fell under a spell of creativity. This is where A Fairy Tale of Dark and Light was created.

The Journey to Feminism

To be a radical feminist, to become politically active, to join the fight for the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment was a far cry from the Total Woman precept!

Coming Full Circle

Coming Full Circle is a book about honoring the rhythms that are
inherent within us and around us. It is an invitation to participate in life,
to dare to surrender to those rhythms.

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