Personal Reflections

It’s Not My Business


I write to stir the energy of peace and good will. I write to send hope and kindness and light into the darkness. I write to re/member those on whose shoulders I stand…

It’s Not My Business2020-03-06T21:43:07+00:00

Feminism Revisited


While some of us have been more affected than others, the reality is that we are all products of a sexist/racist/capitalist culture and have been politically alienated and disenfranchised. 

Feminism Revisited2019-05-16T06:41:55+00:00

A Fairy Tale of Light and Dark


Once I arrived at that Victorian seaport nestled in a forest of cedar and fir, I fell under a spell of creativity. This is where A Fairy Tale of Dark and Light was created.

A Fairy Tale of Light and Dark2019-03-10T08:38:12+00:00

The Journey to Feminism


To be a radical feminist, to become politically active, to join the fight for the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment was a far cry from the Total Woman precept!

The Journey to Feminism2019-03-09T14:06:39+00:00
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